Art in the Park

       The 34th Annual 


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Saturday, August 9, 2014  10:00am-5:00pm


Sunday, August 10, 2014  10:00am-4:00pm

Flat Iron Park, Lake Geneva, WI

Admission is Free!

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Deadline for Artist Applications is closed.


The 2014 AITP Judge

Amy Arnston

Professor Emeritus of Art, University of Wisconsin (Whitewater)

Arntson is Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she taught art and design for 22 years.

Amy grew up in Frankfort, Michigan earning a BFA in painting from Michigan State University, and an MFA in painting and design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her many lectures and presentations have spanned the globe. She has exhibited paintings internationally in the Florence Bienniale as well as locations in China, England and more. In Wisconsin, her work has been shown in the Madison Triennial, The Racine/Wustum Art Museum, as well as in many art centers and galleries in the US. A full time artist, she is also an author of widely adopted college level art and design textbooks.

Her paintings of water surfaces include the Great Lakes Region and various national and international waters. Her work, while highly realistic, also has a strong sense of design structure and abstraction. She says “My commitment to painting is enriched by a respect for art and design history”

Free Parking Available for vendors and AITP Visitors!


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Shuttle Available For AITP Visitors!


Free parking and shuttle service Saturday and Sunday, August 9 & 10, 8am to 8pm., from northeast corner of Home Depot parking lot, 550 North Edwards Blvd, to/from US Bank, 303 Center Street.  Shuttle runs continuously every 20 minutes.
Forget the parking hassle and take the shuttle service - you'll be glad you did! 


Silent Auction Booth


Don't miss the opportunity to bid on artwork donated by our exhibiting artists at the Silent Auction Booth. Bidding will end on Saturday at 3:00pm and on Sunday at 2:00pm. At the close of the auction each day, winners will be notified by cell phone and will be asked to pick up their item within 2 1/2 hrs of the auction closing.



Our kids activity area is located in the Park Gazebo. 

Visit with the kids and enjoy creating a fun "take home" art project.






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2014 Art in the Park Exhibitors

(Alphabetical Order and Category)

2014 Art in the Park (Revised July 10,2014)


Booth Numbers                                               Media  

 4    Abbott, Lynn/Diane                     MM      

40  Adams, Chuck/Widhalm, Tom      M

63  Bankier, Phyllis                             PH      

60  Becia, Jim                                     PH      

49  Becker, David                                WC                 

68  Boelk, Kamryn                              F         

21  Brankey, Bonnielynn                    O/A  

48  Brebrick, Adrienne                        C/P     

30  Brenner, Peter                              J          

10  Callog, Cyndy                               WC                 

26  Capriola, Debra                             MM

56  Chevrier, Lyn                                 J                      

25  Cholke, Bob                                   MM                            

72  Corell, Loren                                  O/A                

71  Corell, Sharon                                J                      

65  Diebel, Lynne/Kalscheur, Jann      PH 

50  Ellickson, Darla                             J          

29  Fang, Wilfred                                MM                

12  Fell-Dell Balso, Andrea                  PH                    

31  Fergison-DiMarlo, Suzanna/Mark   J

52  Fleege, Drake                                PH

      Foernssler, Jeff     

54  Forcier, Doreen                             F

69  Franzen, Joan                               WC                 

20  Franz-Miklavicic, Alicia                 F 

77  Fulwiler, R.C.                               PH      

64  Gasper, Jeff/Debi                        W       

58  Gaura, David                                M                    

27  Gelasi, Angela                              O/A                         

66  Gill, Karen                                    J                      

70  Grobert, Ron                                PH

9    Heintzelman, Pat                         WC                 

43  Holt, Matthew                              O/A    

44  Holt, Sandra                                 F

35  Howe, Mary                                  C/P

81  Hunt, Terry                                   W

      Johnson, Herb

6    Johnson, Ron/ Donna                     J

      Johnson, Tim                                      

      Julian, Linda

      Kauffman, William

      Mosedale, Cynthia

      Karson, Lisa 

      Kiefer, Joe

      Kleppinger, Linda

      Kroenig, Hal

      Lamar, John

      Lever, Alen

      Lueck, Bady

      Meade, Jim

      McCormick, Deb

      Mikkelson, Michael

      Miklavicic, Franc & Alicia

      Miraldi, Gerald

      Mongan, Joseph

      Mueller, Mark

      Mundschau, Donna         

8    Nedobeck, Tom                              G 

57  Nowak, Amelia                             O/A    

18  Pekoc, Mitch/Sue                         W       

61  Peterson-Qualley, Kate                 J  

32  Prorok, Paul                                 PH      

73  Reithmeier, Barry                         GR                  

11  Riegling, Debra                            W                   

5    Robertson, Liz/Rich                      C/P     

13  Robran, Kristin                             C/P     

34  Rose, Mariette                              F         

15  Schmidt, Scot                               MM                

28  Schnabl, Babs                               MM                

59  Schramm, Carmel/Michael            J

82  Sepich, April                                 MM  

47  Sievers, Al                                    G                                

75  Soskich, Anthony                          O/A

36  Taylor, Kae                                    F

      Thomas, Don                                Music (no booth number)      

79  Titus, Arthur                                  J                      

55  Warren-Hauser, Joanne                WC 

80  Watson-Newlin, Karen                  O/A

46  Wennersten, Jay                           GR      

39  Whitfield, Jim                               O/A                

38  Wigman, Gary                               WC

33  Wilcox, Tom                                  GR                              

16  Wooden, Teresa                            C/P     

23  Zajicek, Carmen/Anderson, Mark  MM 

45  Ziegler, Gary/Carol                       J

78  Ziegler, Wendell                           W


Media Key

C/P – Clay / Pottery

F – Fiber

G – Glass

GR – Graphics

J – Jewelry

M – Metal

MM – Mixed Media

PH – Photography

O/A – Oils / Acrylics

S – Sculpture

W – Wood

WC - Watercolor

Musical Performer - Don Thomas - Will be playing his acoustical guitar and selling CDs

Music Schedule for Art in the Park 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

11:00 am – 12:00 noon: Su Ash Gustafson – “The Flute Lady”
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Lake Geneva Symphony Strings and Brass
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Matthew Hollingsworth

Sunday, August 10, 2014

11:00 am – 12:00 noon: Pam Kundert, Director Eine Klein Strings
12:30pm – 2:00 pm: John Paleo
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Tom Stanford


We are thrilled to have the Lake Geneva Symphony String and Brass Ensembles agree to play for the first time at Art in the Park. We are also, pleased to announce the return of Pam Kundert and the Eine Klein Strings, Su Ash Gustafson, the Flute Lady, and two highly talented vocalists, John Paleo and Tom Stanford, and a new addition this year, Matthew Hollingsworth.
The performances will take place under the GLAA blue tent as in the past. Contact Jeanne Dyer at for any questions concerning this year's program.     

2014 ART IN THE PARK Committee

AITP Director, Esther Rice


Exhibitors & Judging Chairmen     

Donnette Behar

Jill Acker


Food Chairman

Carol Ziegler 


Set Up Chairman

Russ Hannula


Volunteer Coordinator

Marilyn Ahler


Silent Auction Chairmen

Bonnie Siegel

Astrid Enskat



Just 4 Kids Chairman  

Nikki Marsicano


Music Chairman

Jeanne Dyer


Parade of Homes Chairman     

Sharon Larson


Parking Co-Chairmen 

Carol & Martin Smith


Website Chairmen

M’Lou McEneely

​Jeanne Dyer


Permit Chairman

Nikki Marsicano


Publicity Chairman

Karen Gulbransen


Member’s Tent Chairman  

Sharon Larson


Mailing List Chairman

Carol Smith







Founded in 1947 GLAA is an organization formed for the purpose of encouraging individual artistic growth and excellence. Geneva Lake Art Association fosters a community appreciation of the fine arts through the arrangement of shows, monthly programs, lectures, demonstrations and workshops.


GLAA is a volunteer organization under the direction of an elected board of directors. They support and encourage all forms of art and cultural activities. Funding comes from membership dues, gallery fees, sponsors, fund-raisers and the proceeds from our annual Art in the Park, an outdoor, juried fine art show.


The Geneva Lake Art Association Gallery features member artists in several theme shows each year. Eligible members may display work in our member gallery shows, and after a six-month wait, in our member’s tent at our annual Art in the Park juried art show.



GLAA fosters a community awareness and appreciation of the fine arts through the arrangement of shows, monthly programs, lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Membership is open to anyone interested in the arts. GLAA sponsors the annual fine art show, Art In The Park, and sponsors four member artist theme shows each year as well as an annual student show. The gallery, located in the North Shore Pavilion at 647 Main Street in Lake Geneva (directly across Main Street from the Post Office), Wisconsin, features a member gallery and weekly classes. Monthly meetings are held where artists can interact, learn new techniques, and make connections.  For additional information, please visit our website at or leave a message at 262-249-7988.


Located in the North Shore Pavilion at 647 W. Main Street in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, GLAA features an art gallery of member’s work and an art school. The gallery is open to the public:

Saturdays 10:00am-4:00pm

Sundays, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Summer hours (June 1 through August 31) include Fridays, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Find Us


The gallery is located in the North Shore Pavilion at 647 Main Street (Route 50) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There is a convenient visitor’s parking lot behind the North Shore Pavilion. Hours: Saturday, 10am - 4pm; Sundays, 1pm - 4 pm; Fridays (during summer only), 1pm - 4 pm.

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